Much like the concerns of modern society, stress and anxiety have unfortunately become a part of everyday life, PS3100 Massage Chair creating an impact on our health and general wellbeing. It is without a doubt that massage chairs have gained international popularity, as they provide the epitome of relaxation and ultimate comfort.

When addressing massage chairs, the name and brand are of utmost importance. One seeks the best quality and features available and thus goes for the trusted and seasoned brands. There are various brands offering massage chairs, however, in 2017, the most popular brands were undoubtedly Ogawa and Real Relax.

An Introduction to Ogawa's Massage Chairs

Ogawa's massage chairs are prominent in the market, owing to their varied range of chairs accommodating different needs from buyers. Their trusted brand has offered quality massage chairs that are worth the investment. The advanced features of their chairs set these massage chairs apart.

The heated seats, for one, enhance the massage experience and provide ultimate relaxation. Airbags are tactfully positioned, expertly providing a full-body massage. The zero-gravity feature, too, eases pressure on the spine.

Another notable feature of these chairs is the expandable calf massager, which is seldom available in other massage chairs. This feature provides a thorough massage experience on the legs and improve blood circulation in the feet area. The Bluetooth capability of these chairs also allows for personalized entertainment while enjoying a massage.

An Introduction to Real Relax's Massage Chairs

Real Relax is another renowned brand producing diverse models of massage chairs in the market. This brand has supplied quality massage chairs that resonate trust and satisfaction. Real Relax does offer budget-friendly options, making it a suitable brand for cost-effective needs.

Their chairs have advanced features, including body scanning technology providing a personalized massage experience. The airbags in the chairs are accurately positioned to supply a full-body massage, a central aspect that any customer should seek in a massage chair. The zero-gravity feature also aids in easing pressure on the spine to enhance the massage experience.

Adjustable footrests are among the features that make these chairs distinct from others in the market. The armrest linkage system, as well, connects the armrest with the backrest, providing a complete massage experience. Given the price point, these advanced features are both comfortable and light on the wallet.

A Comparison between Ogawa and Real Relax's Massage Chair

When purchasing a massage chair, factors such as price, features, and quality are all critical considerations. Ogawa and Real Relax are two reputable brands that offer quality massage chairs with varied features. Although both brands offer advanced features in their chairs, there are specific determining factors that one must consider before making the final choice.

Upon comparison, we find that both brands offer various features commonly, including zero-gravity positioning, airbags, heat therapy, and body scanning technology. Nevertheless, Ogawa provides more advanced features such as Bluetooth capability and the expandable calf massager, features that are scarce in most massage chairs in the market. These advanced features enhance the massage experience and deliver the utmost relaxation.

Real Relax provides a reasonably priced option that is budget-friendly, which is a vital consideration for buyers looking to maximize value. The adjustable footrests are not common with most other massage chairs in the market, and so is the armrest linkage system that creates a complete massage experience. Although these features are not as many as those of Ogawa's chairs, they are still advanced and reasonably priced.


After comparing both massage chairs, one's unique needs and budget ultimately determine the best choice. Ogawa's advanced features make it an excellent option for customers seeking superior features while providing value for their investment. Real Relax offers budget-friendly options that deliver both quality and an array of features that are reasonably priced.

It is only reasonable that customers would desire quality in their choices, and both brands provide quality massage chairs catering to various needs and budget without compromising on functionality.